Chrome Extension Development

With over 5 years of experience developing and deploying browser plug-ins for your business.

Business Man

I provide wide range of Services

I have expertise in Chrome Extension and Web Scraping, including technologies from Linux, PHP/Node.js to Angular/Vue and MySQL/MongoDB/Firebase. I also have experience integrating third-party APIs.

Data Scrapping

Scrape any information that you see on any website or even automate your data gathering / data entry tasks involving Google Spreadsheet, Excel, MySQL database, XML / JSON format.

Selling Landing Page

ClickFunnel, Squarespace, Wordpress or made from scratch website to make your product shine even better and to sell membership accesses.


Create a Google Chrome Extension for Automation of a manual process on regular basis or whenever you click on a button.

LinkedIn Extension

The LinkedIn extension can retrieve data from LinkedIn for various user profiles and retrieve various information about users, including name, position, experience, company and email.

Facebook Extension

The Facebook extension can automatically send messages to new friends or bulk unsubscribe from all friends at once.

Instagram Extension

You can use the Chrome extension to automate repetitive actions like following, commenting, posting etc.

AliExpress Extension

Extension that captures ASIN, a link to a product, image, name, seller, etc., and saves it in a Google Document or onto your store.

Twitter Extension

Easily share current tab, links and selected text on Twitter, using toolbar button, keyboard command and context menu options.

And much more...

Chrome extensions can interact with web pages, notifications, bookmarks, history, keyboard shortcuts, and so much more. They can also be used as an excellent way to promote your existing website or online business.

Why customers choose me?



I have developed over 50 extensions with over 1M users in total.



While developing such many extension I built a library of reusable parts of software to save time on trivial cases of development.



I deliver a MVP product blitzfully fast to let you test your idea as soon as possible.

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Latest news, tips and best practices.

What the meaning of the color “Pending Review”?

If you bothered what orange / red / yellow color of Pending Review mean in Web Store Developer Dashboard. You are in a right place. Firstly, there is no official documentations about that. So everything what is below is just an assumption. Our story case We put an extension in an update on December 3rd

The 7 Best Productivity Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome is the most popular browser in the world, according to Internet statistics. Thanks to its performance, clean interface and easy synchronization with mobile devices, this popularity is easy to understand. But Google’s browser also has many useful extensions available on the Chrome Web Store. I have selected the best for you. Nimbus Screenshot

How to Monetise Chrome extension

Hello everyone! It’s here and I would like to share with you my 5 years experience of monetizing browser extensions and difderent methods. Why are extensions different from websites? Extensions not allowed to place adds on It’s easier to make plugin popular due to lower competition Extensions are more similar to Mobile Applications by

How to install Chrome Extension on Android Mobile

The desktop version of Google Chrome has thousands of extensions: from ad blocking to grammar correction. Mobile Chrome users are less fortunate – the official mobile browser from Google does not support them. If you want to install and use Chrome extensions on your Android device, below is the detailed information on how to do this. Install Kiwi Browser

How to publish Extension to the Web Store

When your first Chrome extension looks beautiful and works as it should (how to install extension locally?), it’s time to publish extension in the Chrome Store. Just follow this link to go to the Chrome Web Store Dashboard (you’ll be prompted to log in to your Google account if it’s not). Then click on the “Add new item” button,

How to manually install a third-party extension in Google Chrome

Usually, when you install a chrome extension, you do this from the Chrome Web Store. However, some extensions are not published in the online store. This may be due to the fact that they use additional functions that are not supported by the rules of the online store, are developed independently or are beta versions.