How to install Chrome Extension on Android Mobile

The desktop version of Google Chrome has thousands of extensions: from ad blocking to grammar correction. Mobile Chrome users are less fortunate – the official mobile browser from Google does not support them. If you want to install and use Chrome extensions on your Android device, below is the detailed information on how to do this.

Install Kiwi Browser

To get started, you’ll need an alternative to the standard Chrome browser. The Kiwi Browser is based on the Chromium project, on which Chrome itself is based, and it is very similar to it.

Although there are many similarities, there are some differences that you need to know about. For example, since it is based on Chromium and not Chrome, you cannot use your Google account to synchronise bookmarks or browser history.

Kiwi Browser Google Play

The good news for extension fans is that, unlike Chrome on Android , Kiwi Browser easily supports installing desktop Chrome extensions.

To get started, download the Kiwi Browser from the Google Play Store .

Search for Chrome Extensions

The difficulty with installing Chrome desktop extensions on Android is that it’s not easy to download from the Store. You should use the Chrome Web Store, which has a surprisingly unfriendly design for mobile devices.

Go to the Chrome Web Store and zoom in with your fingers or rotate the display for easy access. In any case, one cannot do without the fact that it will be a little difficult.

Web Store on a mobile Phone

From here, the process of installing extensions is almost exactly the same as on your desktop. The Chrome Web Store offers a list of recommendations that includes sections on the latest updates and popular developments. There are also “Editors Picks” with Google-selected installation options.

If you want to find something specific, look for the extension you want to install using the search bar in the upper left upper corner of the page.

Adding Chrome Extensions to Kiwi

After you find the desired extension in the search, click the “Add to Chrome” button next to it. Alternatively, you can click on the store page to learn a bit more information about the extension. The button “Add to Chrome” will appear there.

HTTPS Everywhere

If additional permissions are required, you will be asked to approve them. Just click “OK” and wait for the extension to install. If you want to make sure that the installation is completed, click on the settings button (three vertical dots). From here click the “Extensions” button.

You’ll see a page very similar to the Chrome Extensions page . Once Kiwi Browser installs the extension, it will appear here.

You can also download extensions manually if you have a Chrome CRX or ZIP extension file. To do this, enable the “Developer Mode” in the upper right corner of the extensions page. From here, click on the Download button and select an extension.